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Here at NylonPink.tv, we love to all of our K Beauty products that take care of our face. However, we all got a body too that needs taking care of. We decided to switch it up a little bit and review the best Korean body skincare products on the market that will keep your body looking healthy and fresh.

Etude House Moistfull Collagen Lotion

Whether it is to give your body skin a tighten sensation or perfect moisturizing, you can always look up to Korean beauty lineups.

And, when we are talking about Korean beauty products, we certainly cannot overlook the outstanding yet affordable offerings of the eminent brand, Etude House.

This time around, Etude House came up with Moistfull Collagen Lotion with natural ingredients to promote skin suppleness.

To boot, let’s take a look at the ingredients count of this particular offering. This particular body lotion is formulated with the amalgamation with Concentrated Baobab Tree and Collagen. With this immaculate combination, this emulsion can improve the dermal structure in addition to the moisture retention of the skin.

The emulsion has a creamy texture to it.This moist and rich textured emulsion can penetrate deep into your skin and moisturize the skin from within.

Together with collagen, natural tree extract can enhance the natural complexion of the skin and make it look healthy again. Be it wrinkles or fine lines, this emulsion can eliminate all those issues with continuous application.

By and large, this collagen body lotion is a perfect solution with natural constituent like Baobab Tree Extract and collagen for advanced skin moisturizing and tightening.

The History of Whoo Jinyulhyang Jinyul Hydrating Lotion

On the occasion that you are searching for a lotion that can give your skin a proper hydration in addition to rejuvenate the skin with all-natural ingredients, then turning up to a Korean secret formula might be top drawer alternative for you.

And, what can be more interesting than experiencing a medicinal solution from the Korean royal court, right? With that particular thought, let us introduce the Jinyulhyang Jinyul Hydrating Lotion from The History of Whoo.

All the expressions like ‘medicinal’ and ‘royal court secret formula’ sure can bring out your fighting spirit! This oriental hydrating facial lotion is formulated with the secret formula “Jinyulhyang” from the Korean royal court. Red wild ginseng is the key ingredient of this hydrating lotion. The lotion has a rich and rapidly dissolving texture to it.

The secret formula of this lotion will allow it to penetrate deep into the skin and deliver nutrition to it. The revitalizing properties of this solution can make the skin appear softer, smoother, more radiant. It leaves no greasy residue on the skin.

Whether it is the Korean royal court secret medicinal formula or red wild ginseng, this lotion can deal with damaged skin and rejuvenate it with proper care.

LACVERT – Live Natural Body Butter

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You would find a lot of natural fruits that can promote a better skin health. However, amongst them, a few ingredients have effect like the pomegranate, not to mention, when it is coupled with butter and comes from a Korean origin. Yes, this particular concept of combining pomegranate and butter came from one of the first-rate skincare and makeup brand of Korea, LACVERT.

As we were saying, this body butter is formulated with the mixture of pomegranate and butter. On the other hand, it has a creamy and rather oily texture to it. As a result, it can procure some of the best results for dried skins. This body butter comes in a flat and round-shaped plastic jar that would be quite easy to carry around in the cosmetic kit.

When it comes to application, it is recommended to use this body butter after you take your shower. Of course, you can use it after giving your skin a regular wash. You have to apply the compound on your skin gently to eliminate the dryness of your skin.

Be it the natural ingredients, product formulation, design language, or super impact, this is a great pick for anyone having issues with dry skin.

It’s Skin Secret Body Solution Whitening Essence

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Hey Girl, are you super irritated with all those dark elbows, knees, and armpits? Are you having troubles with dark lines along with your bikini strap?

Well, first thing first, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Loads and loads of girls are facing the same issues with particular area darkening. So, the Korean skincare brand IT’S SKIN turned up with this Secret Body Solution Whitening Essence to get rid of those dark skin issues.

The packaging of this whitening essence is gorgeous. It followed a hour glass shape that comes with a sponge cover tip. The tip is quite sizeable and you are not going to face any problem using it on your body. It has a clear and light texture to it. It does not contain any pigment, alcohol, parable, mineral oil, animal material, DEA or BSE.

Applying solutions cannot be more easy with the sponge cover of this product. All you have to dab the darkened areas with the essence-soaked sponge to lighten the skin tone.

Even though skin-darkening doesn’t interrupt your daily life, it’s kind of awkward to go out with these showing. With its easy dark-skin fixing solution, and easy absorption, this is a no brainer for any skincare enthusiast.

Skin Food Honey Rich Body Essence

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Are you having dilemmas with your dry skin and several unproductive skincare products?


If that is the case, then you might as well follow our aid route and give a try to the Honey Rich Body Essence by the famous Korean skincare manufacturer Skin Food.

This time around, Skin Food designed this particular product for damaged and dried up skins.

In regards to the product formulation, Skin Food constructed this solution with one of the most successful ingredients against dried and damaged skin – Honey. In addition to the honey extract, Skin Food also included shea butter into the formulation.

As regards to the physical appearance and usability, this product comes in a highly convenient press and use plastic housing with a sweet floral honey scent.

This gel-type compound can offer intensive moisture to your dehydrated and spoiled skin. With is honey extract and shea butter, it can create healthy and radiant skin with enriched with enriched moisturizing. As for application, you have to apply and massage the compound on dry areas.

It is recommended that you use the product after shower.

Honey extract and shea butter in combination with the expertise of Skin Food turned up with something miraculous for dry skins.

Etude House Missing U Hand Cream

Whether it is from daily chores, rough weather condition, or simple negligence, girls are often seen perturbing with dry and coarse hands.

Now, to resolve those issues, famed Korean skincare brand, Etude House cropped up a product specially designed for the hands. It is the Missing U Hand Cream.

Etude House has always been known for their super cute packaging and all. However, this time they went ahead and came up with one of the cutest packaging of all time! Yes, you will have a real had time leaving it aside after casting your eyes on it! Those panda eyes, those protruding hands, the black-white-peach color combination will leave you in awe!

This hand cream is formulated with natural mixture of herbs, shea butter, and olives. Each of these ingredients has their own beneficiary points in moisturizing and healing the roughed up hands.

In regards to the application procedure, you simply have to take the cream onto your palm and rub hands together. Don’t forget to massage all the areas including wrists, fingers, and palms for an optimum result.

If you want to conquer a soft and smooth pair of hands, this particular hand cream can be the ultimate solution for you.

Innisfree green tea pure gel hand cream

In case you are searching for a skin pamper for your dry and rough hands, nothing can give you a better consequence than the awesome natural formulation from the illustrious K-beauty manufacturer Innisfree. Well, we were specifically talking about the Green Tea Pure Gel Hand Cream by Innisfree.

By far, hands are one of the most overlooked parts of the body that need everyday care. Regardless of various environmental or man-made issues, you certainly need to take care of those hands. Innisfree formulated this hand cream with antioxidant-rich Jeju green tea.

This natural tea extract can relief you of dry and rough hands almost immediately. This cream has a gel like texture to it. Moreover, thanks to the matte and non-sticky finish, it does not leave any sticky or heavy feeling behind.

Surely, you can use it as often as needed. However, to obtain the best result, you can rub the cream on your hand and leave it over night. Next morning, you would find a nice and smooth pair of hands ready and set for a new day’s work.

Innisfree kept their promise and offered an awesome hand cream solution with antioxidant-rich Jeju green tea extract for all the hard-working girls.

Etude House Hand Bouquet Rich Butter Hand Mask

Undoubtedly, ‘Hands’ are the most used external organs of our body. Be that as it may, we often forget to take care of them properly.

Be it work, daily chores, or weather conditions, our hands tend to get roughed up prematurely if we don’t take care of them appropriately. With that note, Etude House materialized a hand mask in order to rejuvenate the damaged hand skin and bring the natural complexion back.

When it comes to the product formulation, this particular hand mask is formulated with shea butter and olive extracts. The formula included 1% of shea butter concentration in order to keep the oil to a bare minimum.

As a result, individuals with al skin types can use this product.

Regarding the application, you have to apply the hand pack after washing and drying your hands. You have to wear the included plastic glove and massage hands while applying pressure on the hands. Leave on for 15-20 minutes for hands to absorb the mask before removing the gloves. Rub hands to allow the solution to absorb into the skin.

With natural ingredients and straightforward systematic application procedure, this hand cream is one of the best alternatives in the market out there.

[Holika Holika] Baby Silky Hand Mask Sheet 2 Sheet for 1 Use Moist Hands Pack

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On the event that your hands already got coarse and you are trying to get back the original baby skin like condition, then Baby Silky Hand Mask Sheet 2 Sheet for 1 Use Moist Hands Pack from Holika Holika might be the best possible solution for you.

Holika Holika is one of the Korean skincare brand that offers a high-quality low-priced product range. This time, they came up with this particular hand mask with al natural ingredients.

If we want to take a look at the ingredients, we can follow that this scrupulous hand mask is formulated with shea butter and avocado, both of which are very beneficial to hand skin health.

They present moisture and nutrition for dry hands and make the hand skins soft and smooth.

The application process of this hand mask can be started with washing hands and opening the pouch. Next, you have to split mask sheets and put it on your hands.

For the optimum result, remember to leave the mask on the hands at least for 15 to 20 minutes before removing them.

Overall, this is a great pick whether you want to take account of shea butter, avocado, easy application or baby like hands.

InnisFree Special Care Hand Mask

On the off chance that you are zealously searching for a method to bring bak or enhance the elasticity of your hands, you definitely should check out this awesome offering of the renowned Korean skincare giant, Innisfree. We were pointing out to the ‘Special care mask – Hand’.

To trail their huge repute in the skincare industry, Innisfree came up with the perfect Korean style hands pack in order to deal with damaged and coarse hands. To back that fact, Innisfree formulated this hand mask with herbal green complex extract. This solution contains seven natural herbal extracts that will add vitality to the skin. These natural elements can deliver proper nutrients and moisture to the skin. In case you are wondering, the mask has a soft and flexible texture to it and it fits flawlessly to the skin.

For a better outcome, first, you have to wash and dry out your hands properly. Then, you have to cover your hands with the mask and remove it after 10-20 minutes. Don’t forget to massage the excess liquid and let it absorb into the hands

Undeniably, this is a remarkable hand care solution with a lot of natural components, easy use process, and impressive upshot.

[Holika Holika] JEJU Aloe Face & Body Care Set

When it comes to skincare and natural ingredients, nothing can nourish your skin like Aloe Vera. With this particular theory, the Korean skincare brand Holika Holika turned up with the perfect set of face and body wash based on different concentration of aloe vera.

We are talking about the ‘JEJU Aloe Face & Body Care Set.

The soothing gel contains 99 % fermented aloe vera leaf extract. Fermented contents maximize the effect of components like aloin and help the skin to be clear and healthy. The shower gel contains 92% jeju aloe vera leaf extract. It has an after shower cooling and soothing effect. Finally, the facial cleansing foam contains unadulterated jeju aloe vera leaf extract for a moist skin.

You can use the soothing gel via spreading it on the sensitive and dry areas frequently and make it absorbed automatically. For the shower gel, take an appropriate amount on a wash sponge, work into lather, and then massage over the skin. Afterward, you have to rinse well the solution.

The sulfate-free cleanser will help you remove old skin waste, dead skin cells, and makeup.

Regardless of the skin type, tone or price, this is a must-have product for any skincare kit.

SKINFOOD Quinoa Rich Body Wash

‘Quinoa’ is a starchy seed with a lot of minerals and vitamins that can successfully alleviate skin damage and promote overall skin health.

With that particular notion, celebrated Korean skincare brand, Skin Food came up with a body milk featuring quinoa as the base ingredient. Yes, we are talking about the all-hyped Quinoa Rich Body Wash.

Regarding the physical appearance and functionality, this regular body wash bottle is desgned with a pump. This big bottle will surely remind you of shampoo bottle. As we were saying this body wash is formulated with quinoa. It has a creamy or rather milky consistency to it and it gets absorbed into your skin quite rapidly. Additionally, it got a nice milky aroma to it.

If you are fighting with skin dryness, you are going to love this solution. Even though it has a milky texture, it does not feel oily or sticky on the skin. One of the cons of this product is that it is pretty large and you just can’t carry it around easily.

Be it the milky consistency, no oily or stickiness, and awesome against dry skin, it’s a no brainer for anyone who’s looking for a dry skin body wash solution.

SKINFOOD Rose Shower Perfumed Body Wash Korean Beauty

If you are looking for a body wash formulated with rose extract, you might as well check out this particular Rose Shower Perfumed Body Wash from one of the affordable Korean skincare brand, SKINFOOD. Rose can serve multi purposes from smoothening the skin to calming the mind with its quixotic aroma. The scenario is quite similar with this particular offering of SKINFOOD.

When it comes to the product formulation and physical attributes, this particular body wash is formulated with rose extracts and comes in 335 ml pump tube housing. The design language of the plastic container looks quite neat it gives the vibe of a girly product from every angle.

As for the application procedure, first thing first, you have to dispense an ample amount of body wash onto a sponge or bath towel. Then, you have to lather the solution on the sponge or bath towel. Afterward, apply the lathering solution onto the skin in massaging motions. Finally, rinse off the body wash thoroughly with water.

On the whole, it’s a great pick for every body type and tone with its rose extract that helps in softening and smoothening your skin while the rose aroma will help in soothing your mind.

Nature Republic New Soothing Moisture Aloe Vera GEL 92%

Do you know what happened when aloe vera met the awesome Korean brand Nature Republic?

What happened was a miracle, we are telling you, a miracle! Seriously, can’t say enough for a multipurpose body gel based on aloe vera! Well, without further ado, let us commence the New Soothing Moisture Aloe Vera GEL from Nature Republic and start digging on it!

As we were saying, this body gel is formulated based on aloe vera as the base ingredients. This product was particularly designed with the objective of giving the skin proper soothing and moisture. It has a clear thick gel texture to it. In addition, you would find and love the fresh smell of aloe vera from the solution. Since it was constructed as a multi-purpose full body gel, it comes in a huge 300ml jar.

From facial skin to body skin, after shave solution, sensitive skin relaxation, hair treatment, swollen eyes treatment, nail treatment, you can use this moisturizing gel for almost every part of your body. You can even use it as mask sheet to get rid of sunburns.

In general, this 92% concentrated all-purpose aloe vera gel is a must-buy for it exorbitantly high value in complete body care.

[the Saem] – Soothing Gel

Hey girls, by this time, you must have heard about the miraculous effects of Korean snail extracts, right?

Well, for all those snail extract lovers, if you are looking for a body gel that formulated with snail extracts, then the well-known Korean brand ‘The Saem’ has got the perfect face and body multi moisture soothing gel for you.

This particular body gel is a bit different from your daily facial creams or other solutions. It is particularly designed for both face and body in order to give them the perfect soothing. In case you are wondering, this soothing gel contains around 50% snail extract in order to provide proper moisturizing and treat damage skin quickly.​

In addition, it does not contain any harsh chemicals or mineral oils like parabens, benzophenone, dyes, formaldehyde, PEG, PG, or TEA.

As for the application procedure, after a proper cleansing, you have to take right amount of gel on your palm and apply it onto the face and body in a massaging motion. Whenever skin feels dry, you can apply the gel onto your face and body.

With rich snail mucin filtrate extract, damaged skin renovating, multipurpose functionality, this soothing gel is a great skincare alternative thoroughly.

JEJU Lotion Whitening Body Cream

Best Korean Lip Patch - Etude House Cherry Lip Mask

If you are looking for a skin whitening solution that can also make your skin stronger, you must check out this Body Cream from JEJU Lotion Whitening that’s been formulated with extracts of wasabi cream concentration.

In regards to the physical manifestation of this particular product, it comes in a gorgeous black pump housing with catchy JEJU label! As for the product formulation, it is formulated with all natural nutrients that basically concentrated on wasabi fruit extracts and vitamins. These natural components can help with your skin problems and heal the skin to become stronger in a flash. This cream was designed with keeping skin problems in consideration. As a result, no color additives or chemical like mercury or steroids were used for the safety of the user.

When it comes to the application process, first, you have to cleanse your skin properly. Then, the cleansing follows by the regular and skin-matched moisturizing. After the moisturizing, you can go ahead with this skin whitening lotion to give your skin a strong impact. You can add this routine to your skincare regime.

This is a no brainer with perfect whitening impact, no harmful ingredients or chemicals, highly functional wasabi fruit extract and vitamins.

Variety Etc. /Korean Body BB LeLa L-Gluta Arbutin Whitening Body BB Cream Lotion

Are you searching for a genuine whitening cream that can help you achieve brighter skin with continuous use? If that is the case, then you don’t have to look further since we have just got the right product for you. It is the LeLa L-Gluta Arbutin Whitening Body BB Cream Lotion from Korea BB Cream.

The housing of this skin whitening lotion features a super cute and super chic tube. Unlike other orchestrated and impermanent whitening, this LeLa L-Gluta Arbutin Whitening Body BB Cream Lotion from Korea BB Cream gives the skin a natural glowing aura that looks white naturally. Moreover, it also can conceal dark spots from your skin. This lotion also comes with SPF 88 sunscreen that is quite light and not sticky in texture.

The formulation incorporates the SPF level of 50 for UVB rays and PA+++ for UVA rays. You can use this whitening lotion on your legs or other blotchy area that needs a smoothening. Thanks to its non-sticky texture, you can apply this lotion onto your skin and wear clothes immediately.

Whether it the SPF 50, PA+++, dark spot cover up, or whiter skin with regular use, it’s one of the best Korean skin whitening alternatives.


We're pretty good at taking care of our face, but let's not forget about our body! Check out these incredible skincare products that will keep your body looking as good as your gorgeous face. #skincare #bodyskin #healthyskin #health #beauty #koreanbeauty #kbeauty #lotion #skincareWe're pretty good at taking care of our face, but let's not forget about our body! Check out these incredible skincare products that will keep your body looking as good as your gorgeous face. #skincare #bodyskin #healthyskin #health #beauty #koreanbeauty #kbeauty #lotion #skincareWe're pretty good at taking care of our face, but let's not forget about our body! Check out these incredible skincare products that will keep your body looking as good as your gorgeous face. #skincare #bodyskin #healthyskin #health #beauty #koreanbeauty #kbeauty #lotion #skincare

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