19 Design Ideas For Your Nail Art


The fashion world is constantly blowing full steam ahead, and if you dare snooze, you lose. With trends showing up all over the place, it can sometimes be a chore to keep up but that’s why we’re here. Now that we’re fully in the bright, warm seasons, everything is beginning to reflect this, including our manicures. So for Spring/Summer 2022, here are the top nail trends to fearlessly shine in.

Something about the spring and summer months certainly screams bright nail polish and makes even the coyest of us want to be adventurous by trying out some of the trendiest prints and designs. From delicate pastels to edgy embellishments, these streets are about to get lit by trendy nails and you definitely shouldn’t be left out.

These past weeks, we’ve had more than enough opportunities to take a glance at the nails of trendsetters, and surely we can boldly say that colors are ruling more than ever before. Whether it was during a champagne toast at the 2022 Oscars after-party or during an Instagram Live conversation, nail trends for 2022 are seizing every opportunity to make themselves known. Of course, we’re loving all of it!  

Surely, your “baby girl” reputation is worth maintaining, this means that you should stay on top of every trend from fashion, to beauty, and yes, nail trends. As a result, we’ve curated the top trendy nails for 2022 every fashion/beauty/slay-focused lady should know. You’re welcome. 

Here are the top trendy nails for Spring/Summer 2022 to inspire your manicure…

#1. Pastels

This comes as no surprise as pastels are leaning to become the preferred shade for the Spring months. From tinges of baby blue to pinks, oranges, and even yellows, the options are endless with this design. A personal favorite take on this design is the rainbow nails trend that’s a pretty juxtaposition between cute and daring. 


#2. Clear nails

Remember those days when thick coats of nail polish on acrylic nails seemed to be the only option? Well, not anymore! Thanks to creative nail artists and manicurists, it is no longer a crime to sport clear nails. As a matter of fact, it’s definitely one of the hottest nail trends in 2022. We’ve seen them with wavy blue lines, highlighted by pink glitters, and even accentuated with petals! This is no doubt an interesting option to rock this season, don’t you think? 

#3. Fierce embellishments

Alas, where the fierce girls have a field day! When embellishments spread their sparkle from our outfits to our nails, we really didn’t have an idea what was in store. We liked the flair they brought but nothing really prepared us for the edge they would command and how well they added to our entire ensemble. Well, we’ve since learned that and that’s why these sparkling nails are totally in this season. 

#4. Art galore

Nail art is now literally that. There’s really no boring manicure this season considering the many artistic routes nail technicians are taking. From miniature drawings of your favorite cartoon character to abstracts, patterns, and everything in between, we are seeing a bold display of individuality and quirkiness, and boy, don’t we just approve! 

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