Barnes and Noble has a 10% sale on ebooks


Barnes and Noble is having a massive sale on digital books on their website. There are hundreds of thousands of books available with a 10% discount, using the promo code EBOOKSAVINGS during the checkout process. This is a limited time sales promotion and expires on May 14th, 2022. It is only applicable for books purchased on the B&N website and not directly through the Nook e-Reader.

There are tons of major publishers that are participating in this 10% savings on Nook Books. You can find bestselling titles such as 22 seconds by James Patterson, Dream Town by David Baldacci, Recovery Agent by Janet Evanovich and thousands more! Basically, you can find tons of books to satiate your literary thirst and save a copious amount of cash.

It is very rare that the bookseller has a deal for ebooks on their website. They often have promotions for hardcover or paperback books, in addition to e-readers, tablets and accessories. If you use a Nook e-Reader or one of the Nook apps for Android or iOS, I would recommend to buy some new titles today, before it expires on Saturday.

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