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It can happen to any of us. An emergency situation arises and we find ourselves without the basics we need for everyday life. Freak storms can knock out power grids and other utilities, leaving us without electricity, heat, water and more. The old saying goes something like, “a country boy can survive.” That’s not accurate at all – Anyone can survive an emergency situation with the proper planning. Need some place to start? We’re here to help with some of the best emergency preparedness gear you can get to help get you through whatever serious situations this world can throw at you.

Freak winter storms, hurricanes, tornados, pandemics and more can, and will happen. It seems to happen more and more these days, too. The best way to combat the elements and weather the storm is to be ready for anything. Here are just a few ways to help get yourself ready for any sort of condition that can, and will happen.

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1. Mr. Heater Radiant Heater

You need to stay warm!

Warmth is a serious issue, especially in emergencies. We can’t always depend on public utilities, so having a space heater is just a good idea for anyone who lives anywhere. Yes, even Southern regions not known for extreme cold, can have situations arise. It doesn’t take much for hypothermia to set in. The Mr. Heater F299830 Vent-Free 30,000 BTU Liquid Propane Radiant Heater is a great solution. This radiant heater comes equipped with an on-board thermostat for temperature control. It has a  battery-powered electronic ignition, so you don’t have to rely on a power grid to use it. This vent-free heater can be permanently mounted to the wall or securely fastened to the floor with included hardware. It has a factory-installed, Low Oxygen Safety System to help alert you on CO build up for safety.

Pros/Utility-free heat that will keep you warm, and help with frozen pipes

Cons/Best if mounted in one spot, making it less portable that other heaters

Bottom Line/When you need to stay warm, and the grid is out, this unit can do it.

2. Generac 8,000W Portable Generator

Portable power for your life

If the power grid goes down where you live, you’re stuck. It becomes harder to make do and even communicate with the outside world. Generac , well known for their amazing back-up generators, makes portable generators that can power your home, camper and more. The compact-yet-durable Generac 6433 is an 8,000W portable generator that offers premium quality power, ideal for emergency backup power and jobsites. Simple to use, this portable generator has one-touch electric start and  boasts a tough OHV engine and is CSA-certified. It has an idle-control feature that helps preserve fuel and helps to quiet the generator and make it less annoying to you and your neighbors. The Generator comes with a 20-foot cord with four outlets.

Pros/Portable power that can keep your important things running

Cons/It’s big and heavy

Bottom Line/It’s important to have electricity when and where you need it.

3. Generac Home Back-Up Generator

Never worry again about having power

If you’re looking for a permanent solution to power issues in your home or cabin, a Generac Home Back-Up Generator is the way to go. My neighbor has one and during a major power outage due to a blizzard last year, the power went out on our road. His power was out for less than 2 minutes before everything was back up and running, thanks to his generator. I’m adding one this spring. The generators have to be wired into your home’s power grid. The generator automatically senses power outage and within five minutes, it will kick on and run until power is restored. You can keep track of the whole thing via an app on your smartphone. Take it from me, too, it’s extremely quiet. If you’re worried about losing power because of your pipes freezing, food spoiling, medical equipment failures, or you just can’t be without power for very long, this is cheap insurance. Speaking of insurance, having one lowers most home owner’s policies, too.

Pros/Quiet peace of mind and power when you need it.

Cons/Once you get past the costs, there are no cons to this.

Bottom Line/Order one for your home, have it installed and never worry about power losses again.

4. Water Storage

Have access to water

Another thing you simply must have in an emergency situation is water. This drum holds 55 gallons of water and unlike some other drums, there is no need for a syphon kit. There is a spigot built into the bottom of the drum. Just build a wooden base to set the drum upon so you can access the spigot and then fill it up with your own water. The contain is BPA-free and made from FDA/NSF compliant materials.

Pros/Holds enough water to keep a single person hydrated for 55 days.

Cons/You will need to build a base to be able to easily access the spigot

Bottom Line/Stay hydrated! Get one.

5. Outfitter XL Zero-Degree Bag

Stay warm and cozy

When the temperature drops, a sleeping bag is a great way to conserve body heat. Even in warmer climates or during the summer months, it can get cool at night, and it doesn’t take much to cause you some variation of hypothermia. This oversized, quality sleeping bag is rated for zero-degrees and can be zipped together with a second bag for the two of you to stay warm at night.

Pros/Stay warm and cozy

Cons/Sleeping bags are very hard to wash and dry, so try to keep it clean.

Bottom Line/A great way to conserve body heat

Making a disaster prep plan

If there is one things life seems to be teaching all of us these days, it’s that we need to be prepared for anything. Every time we turn around, something new and awful seems to pop up that throws some of us into a emergency situation. You really do need to sit down and map out a complete emergency preparedness plan for everyone in your house. That includes having some  of the items we listed above, as well as the basics of food, clothing, tools, etc.

There are lots of ways to help you map out what you need, but a great tool is to use go to the website.  

The importance of water

Simply put, you need water to stay healthy. You can live without food for a couple days, but water is a necessity. And not just for you, but your pets too. You body uses water to keep things running, and if you’re dehydrated, your body starts shutting down. Dehyration can happen any time, too, not just in summer or hot weather. It is equally important in cold weather in keeping you warm. Have adequate water.

It’s an emergency, where can I get help?

It is vital that you call the authorities for help as soon as possible. This can include calling the police, fire and medical emergency units, usually through 911. It can also include your utility companies. Part of your disaster prep plan should include making a list of all of the emergency phone numbers and putting several copies throughout your home and vehicles. Make sure everyone knows where it is and how to use it.

Another great resource is the American Red Cross.

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