Callisto Protocol Combat Will Make Players Get Up Close & Personal


Survival horror title The Callisto Protocol will have firearms for players to use, but developer Striking Distance has revealed melee is the focus.

An interview with The Callisto Protocol‘s design director has revealed new information about the upcoming sci-fi survival horror title’s combat. The Callisto Protocol‘s brutal gameplay had been shown in a trailer during PlayStation’s State of Play, with an extended, more violent look during the Summer Game Fest showcase shortly after.

Striking Distance’s The Callisto Protocol is a highly anticipated title in part due to it being developed by a studio that was founded by former Dead Space creator and executive producer Glen Schofield, and the tone of the game is one that invokes the same atmosphere as that 2008 horror classic. The title takes place in the distant future of 2320 and follows Jacob Lee, a Black Iron Prison inmate trying to survive on Jupiter’s “dead moon” Callisto, which has become overrun by a variety of mutated creatures. When The Callisto Protocol‘s first trailer was revealed, it was due to be a story-driven, single-player survival game set in the PUBG universe. However, this has since changed as the project grew into its own separate world that Schofield claims will be more open and replayable than the more linear Dead Space.


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In an interview with Game Informer (via IGN), The Callisto Protocol‘s design director, Ben Walker, revealed that almost half of the game’s combat will be melee-focused. This was hinted at in the trailers with moments that saw Lee striking his foes with melee weapons and using environmental combat to pummel an enemy into the floor at one point. According to Walker, the developers are leaning more into “the survival side of things” with this approach to combat, as they want players to feel like there’s more of a struggle, where they are doing and using whatever they can to survive.

This is a far cry from the combat in EA’s Dead Space, which The Callisto Protocol had previously been compared to due to its space setting, horror themes, and the talent involved in creating both titles. Whereas Dead Space used repurposed engineering tools such as Plasma Cutters to dismember the horrific Necromorphs at a distance, The Callisto Protocol will see Lee having to use more traditional weapons such as guns. And with limited ammo to be found around the prison, players will have to choose wisely when they should attack from afar or when they should get up close and personal with their foes.

Fan response to the footage shown by Striking Distance has been extremely positive so far, with high praise being given to The Callisto Protocol‘s wince-inducing combat gameplay and graphics. With these further comments indicating that tension will remain high due to ammo scarcity and a focus on melee, the game is shaping up to be just as – if not more – scary than Dead Space.

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Sources: Game Informer (via IGN)

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