Chilcot Botanicals Dog Shampoo & Conditioner

[unpaid/sample] I’ve finally managed to get Honey into the bath to test this dog-friendly duo properly. She is very fragile now at 17 so I don’t wash her unless I absolutely have to because she finds the grooming so arduous. But it was a warm day yesterday which meant I didn’t need to blow dry her completely and she was much happier with less time under the Dyson.

Chilcot Botanicals Dog Shampoo

When I first got Honey, I would take her to the groomers and she’d come back smelling of baby powder which I used to find horrible – I didn’t want my puppy smelling like a baby so I asked the groomer to stop putting whatever it was on that made her smell like a small human. I’ve stuck to brands like Malin + Goetz (a light, orange-ish scent) and Aesop (lemon and mint) which somehow seem more appropriate but in fact are more expensive that my own shampoo! Chilcot’s version is infused with lavender and peppermint with aloe vera for a mild but effective cleanse. In fact, out of curiosity, I used it on my own hair (very nice clean and shiny result thank you!).

Chilcot Botanicals Dog Shampoo

Gone are the days where I can do two shampoos and rinsing plus a conditioner – she can’t stand for long enough in any comfort – so the revelation is the spray on, leave-in conditioner. Because I’ve been so averse to leave-in conditioners for myself, I’ve somehow linked the same aversion to dog conditioner. Now that I’ve discovered the wonder of Aveda Leave In Conditioner for myself, it follows that I had no hesitation in spritzing Honey with the Chilcot spray-on (no, I didn’t try it on me!). It’s nicely pH balanced so all I needed to do was a quick comb though afterwards and her hair is so soft now. It’s more pepperminty than lavendery and it doesn’t last all that long which is fine by me – it’s long enough to get that fresh, clean scent but not so long that you feel it’s too much. There’s a Rosemary & Geranium variant too. They’re both £15 each HERE. A quick pic of Honey below taken in the kitchen this morning – before you wonder, fringe-cutting is this evening. We have do things a bit at a time 🙂

Chilcot Botanicals Dog Shampoo


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