Clay jewellery making – Everything you need to know

Clay is a great material to make unique pieces out of, without extensive experience of forming and shaping Silver. Sometimes the clay is made up of a precious metal like Silver, and sometimes it’s made up of a non-precious material like FIMO clay which is available in various colours. Here we’ve put together a guide on all things clay to help you along your jewellery making journey.


Clay jewellery making is when you use clay to create a shape which is then dried out in some way, depending on which type of clay you are using.

Video: Make a Silver clay heart pendant

What you need for clay jewellery making

Precious metal clay
Fimo clay
Ceramic jewellery worksurafce
  • A blade set to cut the clay  – Most sets include at least one straight blade, one flexible blade and one ripple blade
Jewellery blade set
Jewellery craft knife
Acrylic roller
beading awl
Shape cutters
  • A ruler to measure the correct amounts
Hand torch
  • A conventional oven (for non-precious clay)


  • A pasta machine to roll the clay
  • A basic set of sculpting tools to sculpt specific designs

Clay projects to get you started

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