Clean-Label Antioxidant Beverages : Antioxidant Beverage

Steaz is refreshing Steaz Green Tea by turning it into an elevated offering by the name of Steaz Antioxidant Brew Teas, and these canned antioxidant beverages appeal to consumers with clean-label ingredients. Free from extraneous ingredients like inulin and erythritol, the teas set themselves apart with formulas that combine liquid brewed green tea with acerola cherry for an additional boost of antioxidants.

The beverages are said to have “elevated functionality without compromising taste” and Steaz Antioxidant Brew Tea is produced in fruity flavors like Peach, Unsweetened Lemon and Zero Calorie Raspberry. The canned beverages boast crisp, white cans that communicate the purity of their ingredients and the potency of the antioxidant-packed formulas with benefits for the mind and body.

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