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Let’s talk CLEAN SKINCARE. The last few years I’ve been learning about non-toxic skincare and how to not only care for my skin but nourish it with clean ingredients. Unfortunately many products in the US are still made with chemicals labeled “unsafe” in other countries. While the FDA has banned only 11 cosmetic ingredients, OVER 1,300 ingredients are banned in the EU (WHAT)! Our skin is the largest organ on our body and absorbs everyyything we put on it, which is why it’s important to check and understand our labels!!

The main ingredients to stay away from (especially while pregnant)…
— Parabens
— Formaldehyde
— Phthalates
— Diethanolamine
— Triethanolamine
— Diazolidinyl Ureal
— Imidazolidinyl Urea
— Tefolin

The Think Dirty app has been a great resource! It’s a quick and easy guide to reference any skincare, beauty, and cleaning products to ensure everything I’m using is clean! Another helpful tool for referencing clean brands and products is EWG’s skin deep website. 

While I’m still on a journey of finding what works for me, I want to share a few clean and toxic free skincare I’ve been using lately, and I’d love hear what’s worked for you!



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