Comparing Book Shops | Where to Buy Books | Amazon vs Indigo vs Local Indie Bookshops [CC]

Trying to determine the best place to buy books between Amazon, big chain book shops like Indigo, and local independent book shops. A brief comparison and experiment for finding the best price and service of various book shops.

This is only through the lens of a Canadian consumer located in a large city. Experiences are going to vary largely by region but this was me trying to figure out which store is the best option for me.

Bakka Phoenix:
Book City:
Type Books:

00:00 Intro
3:21 Loyalty Programs
6:01 User Experience
9:29 Pricing & Availability
15:29 Shipping Costs
16:55 Processing Times
19:26 Final Thoughts
21:22 Ranking the Shops
25:45 In Conclusion

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