E Ink announces new four-color Spectra 3100 to supports ESLs

Electronic shelf labels will soon have a dash of fresh new colors thanks to the launch of E Ink’s new four-color E Ink Spectra 3100 platform. The new display tech will have support for black, white, red, and yellow colors while still having the same power-saving credentials that we have come to expect of E Ink displays.

The new Spectra 3100 comes across as the next-generation version of the E Ink Spectra that was first introduced in 2013. That essentially relied on three colors, either red or yellow combined with the black and white that did its bit to make the ESL tags that bit more livelier than what it was with plain black and white.

With Spectra 3100, retailers will have more freedom to play with more colors or more complex graphics. Needless to say, the display is going to be more vibrant and richer than what it is at the moment. Apart from a slightly expanded color palette, the new Spectra 3100 has better update times as well while the red and yellow states are designed to remain at their optimum over a wider temperature range. The latter aspect will allow retailers to deploy such ESL tags in varying conditions within the store.

What’s more, the Spectra 3100 will come in panels comprising of an updated all-in-one driver IC that is capable of supporting premium high-resolution ESLs in different sizes, the company stated in its press briefing. That is not all the new Spectra 3100 also offers a sparkling flashing mode that gets initiated when the images change. This offers retailers more options to highlight something and can aid immensely in their marketing efforts.

ESLs have come across as the new-gen price labels where retailers have centralized control over the information that the ESLs will exhibit. This makes for another step towards in-store automation where the staff might be spared to maintain the price tag and instead, interact with the buyers to allow for a more hassle-free shopping experience. The new Spectra 3100 based ESLs are already being tested in various sites in Europe and Asia and the company said the customer feedback has been overtly positive as well.

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