E INK is now selling a 31 inch Kaleido E-paper screen

E INK is directly selling a 31.2 inch Kaleido e-paper screen. It utilizes a reflective electrophoretic technology display module based on TFT active matrix with color filter design. The resolution is 2560 x 1440 pixels, the display is capable to display 4096 colors depending on the display controller and the associated waveform file it used. There are a few applications that can be selected during checkout, such as the screen and board they are optimized for e-readers and also enotes.

This screen and board are very expensive, you are looking at forking over $2,300 USD. This is the only E INK Kaleido development kit they are currently selling and there is nothing smaller available. In fact, there isn’t any Kaleido screens being sold to the public, smaller screens are sent directly to OEM for evaluation.

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