Ebook sales plummet 10.1% in January 2022


Digital book sales have fallen by double digit figures in the first month of the year in the United States. They have plummeted by a massive 10.1% and the format generated $81.5 million. Meanwhile, digital audiobooks continue their explosive growth and sales increased by 5% for the month and brought in $62.1 million in revenue. Physical Audio was down 38.2% coming in at $1.2 million.

In terms of physical paper format revenues during the month of January, in the Trade (Consumer Books) category, Hardback revenues were up 6.9%, coming in at $261.4 million; Paperbacks were up 8.7%, with $250.6 million in revenue; Mass Market was down 1.8% to $19.1 million; and Special Bindings were down 8.5%, with $15.2 million in revenue. Total revenues across all categories for January 2022 were up 3.7% as compared to January 2021, coming in at $1.3 billion.

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