Here is how you get Audiobook and Kindle to work on e-readers, phones and tablets


Amazon recently announced that they are no longer going to allow people to buy audiobooks with the Audible App and ebooks with the Kindle app from their apps on Google Play. This is because Google recently implemented a policy that all in-app transactions are handled through the Google Billing system, whereas before companies had their own billing systems. Starting on June 1st, 2022, Google will remove apps from Google Play that aren’t using their new system. If you still want to buy Kindle books or Audible titles on Android, there is still a way to do it, whether you are using a smartphone, tablet, e-reader or e-note.

Amazon runs their own App Store that comes pre-loaded on their Fire Tablets. The Audible and Kindle app that is on the Amazon App Store is using Amazons own content delivery network and billing system. Even if you have Google Play on your device, you can simply remove the Kindle app that you downloaded from Google Play and ditto with the Audible App. Instead, download the Amazon App Store, download the Kindle or Audible app and this version will allow you to buy digital content, since Amazon handles the billing and not Google. This is an easy way to continue to buy audiobook or ebooks, using the apps you love, instead of jumping through a lot of hoops, which involves using your devices internet browser to access Amazon, buy content and sync it with your device. This process not only works with Google Play enabled phones and e-notes, but also all of your favorite e-ink devices that run Android.

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