Hi-Fi Catalog #18 (Vintage Audio, Retro Stereo, & Home Theater) in 4K!

Our current Vintage Audio & Pre-owned Audio Inventory displayed in 4K video! This catalog is setup to feature all our new items (since our last catalog) in the beginning, then comes our VINTAGE SECTION, featuring all our VINTAGE HIFI!
Thereafter our entire inventory is broken down into categories which can be scrolled through at the bottom of the video if you are looking for a certain one, if not sit back relax and enjoy perusing our store…

For pricing and up to date inventory… http://Shop.just-audio.com

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▶Shirts & Limited Edition HiFi Pins

Our Product Lines…
We are a KEF Elite Dealer… https://bit.ly/386RO9I
Audio Technica… https://bit.ly/31tVj8S
AudioQuest… https://bit.ly/3i5Q45j
Dali… https://bit.ly/3eGIRXf
ELAC… https://bit.ly/3dKLLJu
KANTO… https://bit.ly/386SiN4
LEAK… https://bit.ly/2Bja6J5
Music Hall… https://bit.ly/2BNC7Zi
NAD… https://bit.ly/2YDzEcI
Ortofon… https://bit.ly/2Vn9CIP
Parasound… https://bit.ly/3i9MQxO
PSB… https://bit.ly/2VoE1qe
VPI… https://bit.ly/385t55T
Wharfedale… https://bit.ly/3g55vsy
Yamaha… https://bit.ly/2CHwyvD

00:00 Intro
00:35 New
10:03 Vintage
13:34 Receivers
17:02 Integrated Amps
18:10 Pre Amps
19:22 Amplifiers
20:36 Turntables
22:37 Cassette Decks
23:10 Tuners
25:22 CD Players
28:14 Speakers
29:55 Home Theater Receivers
32:10 EQ’s
32:28 Other

▶Shirts & Limited Edition HiFi Pins

Our Current Recommended HiFi Setups by budget (Everything below can be purchased directly from our store https://shop.just-audio.com/, by doing this you help support our families. But if you only purchase off Amazon, we get it, so we also provided links to order it from there (Which also helps us out by the way!)

▶▶Lenny (Vintage but Modern) ($5500)
✴Music Hall Classic
Our Shop – http://bit.ly/MusicHallClassic
Amazon – http://bit.ly/MusicHallClassicAmazon
✴Yamaha A-S1200
Our Shop – http://bit.ly/A-S1200
Amazon – http://bit.ly/YamahaA-S1200
✴Bluesound Node 2i
Our Shop – http://bit.ly/JA-Node2i
Amazon – http://bit.ly/BlueSoundNode2i
✴Wharfedale Linton’s
Our Shop – http://bit.ly/JA-Lintons
Amazon – http://bit.ly/WharfedaleLinton

▶▶Mike (High End) ($10,000 Budget)
Our Shop – http://bit.ly/JA-AT-LPW50PB
Amazon – http://bit.ly/AT-LPW50PB
✴Ortofon 2M Black
Our Shop – http://bit.ly/JA-Ortofon
Amazon – http://bit.ly/Ortofon2MBlack
✴Parasound Hint 6
Our Shop – http://bit.ly/ParasoundHint6
✴KEF R11
Our Shop – http://bit.ly/JA-KEFR11
Amazon – http://bit.ly/KEFR11
If you are not in our area, you can always buy from KEF Direct, be sure to mention Just Audio at checkout to show us support! https://www.shop.us.kef.com/

▶▶Cole (Mid-Range) ($4000)
Our Shop – http://bit.ly/JA-AT-LP140X
Amazon – http://bit.ly/AT-LP140X
Our Shop – http://bit.ly/JA-AT-VM95ML
Amazon – http://bit.ly/AT-VM95ML
✴Yamaha A-S801
Our Shop – http://bit.ly/JA-A-S801
Amazon – http://bit.ly/YamahaA-S801
✴KEF Q950’s
Our Shop – http://bit.ly/JA-Q950
Amazon – http://bit.ly/KEFQ950
If you are not in our area, you can always buy from KEF Direct, be sure to mention Just Audio at checkout to show us support! https://www.shop.us.kef.com/

▶▶Spencer (Budget) ($1000)
Our Shop – http://bit.ly/JA-AT-LP120X
Amazon – http://bit.ly/AT-LP120XUSB
✴Ortofon 2M Blue
Our Shop – http://bit.ly/JA-Ortofon
Amazon – http://bit.ly/Ortofon2MBlue
✴Kanto YU6 Walnut
Our Shop – http://bit.ly/JA-KantoYU6
Amazon – http://bit.ly/Kanto-YU6

▶▶Connect with us
Subscribe… http://bit.ly/JustAudioSubscribe
Our Store… https://shop.just-audio.com/
Our Repair Center… https://www.just-audio.com/
Instagram… https://www.instagram.com/justaudio/

▶▶Our Camera Setup 📸
Main Camera – Sony A-6600 – http://bit.ly/JACamera
Main Tripod – Joby 5K – http://bit.ly/Joby5KTripod
Vlog Camera – Sony AV-1 – http://bit.ly/JAVlogCamera
Vlog Tripod – Joby 3K – http://bit.ly/Joby3KTripod

▶▶Music we use in our videos is available here


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