How to Get Automatically Approved to Sell Grocery Items on Amazon

Got this tip from a viewer and what do you know it totally worked for me! Check this out I would be curious to see how many people get approved. This is a huge deal for me I’ve always wanted to branch out into grocery items.


Below are Amazon affiliate links of products I ACTUALLY use to run my business. I get boxes from dumpster diving and tape from Walmart. I receive a small commission if you guys make a purchase thru these links. It’s a great way to help support the channel without costing you any extra.

Products I Use for FBA & eBay:

Amazon Seller app AKA what I use to scan all potential products (FREE):

Amazon Prime 30 Day FREE Trial:

PSA I will never try to sell you a bullshit course. I actually do the things I make videos on instead of just trying to sell you an eBook on how to make 10k a month. I am on YouTube to document my journey of creating income streams that allow me to travel the world and remain financially stable. If I put out information on this channel it will be free.

Here’s my Instagram:

Use my referral code and get $40 off your first Airbnb stay!

For everyone who has been watching my channel since the beginning, thank you. It started in January of 2017 with 6 subscribers. One of them was my mom. Thanks mom for believing in all the ridiculous things I try to pursue. May you all find whatever it is you are looking for.


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