Jam Shed neck tag competition returns with a new variant

The “Win Your Jam” competition is running until 31 August across 2.5 million bottles, offering shoppers the chance to win one of 10,000 prizes, including Jam Shed jam jars, £1 off their next Jam Shed purchase and gift cards.

The competition is supported by point-of-sale materials and a digital campaign and website.

Jam Shed Chardonnay will be available later this year and will be the first white grape variety in the Jam Shed portfolio.

The brand said it is aimed at casual wine drinkers and is “positioned as an accessible version to introduce new consumers to the category”.

Lindsay Holas, brand owner Accolade Wines’ brand manager, said: “Jam Shed has had an incredible year of growth.

“To keep up the momentum, we are expanding our portfolio and bringing back our popular neck tag prize competition.

“Jam Shed’s expansion into Malbec proved to be a hit with consumers, with the wine now worth over £4m since its launch in August 2020.

“This gives us confidence that the time is right to introduce our first-ever white grape variety to the Jam Shed family.

“The new Chardonnay will appeal to our loyal customers, who we know are open to trying new flavours, whilst also attracting a new audience trying Jam Shed for the first time.”

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