Joan 6 Pro gets the Red Dot Award 2022


Joan 6 Pro has won the prestigious Red Dot Award for outstanding product design in 2022. This also happens to be the third such honor for the e-paper meeting room scheduler from Visionect which the company said owes it to the sustainable design theme of the device as well as its clean and simple lines. Previously, we have seen the Joan 6 and the Joan 13 receive the Red Dot Award in 2016 and 2018 respectively.

Visionect said the new Joan 6 Pro has been designed to meet the demands of the new-age workspace. Its helps promote collaboration among the employees while ‘eliminating meeting interruptions and double bookings’. It is perfectly compatible with the hybrid workspace environment that is more the norm now than ever before. Gone are the days of the rigid time schedule the employees were required to maintain. Instead, the focus is more on partnership and teamwork and the new Joan 6 Pro aims to help promote just that.

It’s easy to set up and operate too given the Smart magnetic mount that it comes with which negates the need for any drilling or wiring work to get started. Also, thanks to the mount’s location ID, unlocking the device will ensure all room information remains safe and intact. Visionect said the device connects to the calendar already in use at the office while displaying meeting information. It also integrates with the communication infrastructure in use at the office. It provides advanced analytics as well while the meeting management can be done via the accompanying app itself.

As Visionect’s co-founder Matej Zalar said, “At Visionect, we endeavor to simplify our products from a technical and design perspective, resulting in improved function and better quality that make the products we use and the world we live in better. Our team dedicated thousands of hours to reducing the complexity of workplace solutions and providing an alternative that offers a better quality of work life. This includes the realities of the post-pandemic workplace that Joan 6 Pro more than addresses.”

Further, it being an E Ink display, energy consumption remains just the bare minimum, with Visionect claiming the Joan 6 Pro requires as much energy to run an entire year as it takes to make just a cup of coffee. The company said the Joan 6 Pro will only require to be charged twice a year to remain in operation. While that makes it eco-friendly from the energy consumption point of view, the device itself has been made from aluminum and glass that again are perfectly recyclable.

As for the award itself, the Red Dot Design Award has become synonymous with design and innovation of the highest order. That the Joan 6 Pro has emerged as the recipient of the distinguished award speaks volumes of the excellent yet simple and sustainable design theme that it is based on. The award ceremony is going to be held on 20 June 2022 in Essen, Germany. The Joan 6 Pro will also be celebrated during the Red Dot Design Week that would be held from 20 to 24 June 2022.

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