New tempered glass offers e-paper experience on the iPad Mini


Here comes a tempered glass display protector that promises to turn a tablet into an e-reader device. Now that isn’t going to be via any e-book reading app. Rather, it’s a new screen protector with a matte feel that, as a Yahoo report on this mentioned, can cut enough glare off the tablet’s display to make it look similar to the E Ink display that e-reader devices come with. As the images also revealed, the display with a black background and white font looked quite eye-friendly. When placed along with a Kobo device, the display looked glare-free, one that will have the least strain on the eyes.

The screen protector in question happens to be from a company named Imos which has been described on the online retail site Shopee as a ‘matte feel film tempered glass protector’ (translated from Chinese) that has an anti-fingerprint property to it as well. Also, the screen protector is designed to suit specifically the iPad Mini 4 and Mini 5 models. Also, at $1,250 for a set of 10, it isn’t cheap either. The price that applies to a single piece of screen protector is almost the same as a brand-new Kindle e-reader.

Meanwhile, it’s not known how the matt screen protector performs when a black font is used against a white background. Or for that matter, how the iPad Mini with the screen protector on will be like to watch other content, which can be like videos, pages having color displays, or when put to other uses other than reading off the display.

In any case, it is always going to be nice to achieve the same sort of feel as an E Ink display by just applying tempered glass. It is going to be better still if the same tempered glass does not hamper the normal functioning of the tablet, like when it is used for other tasks like playing games, watching videos, surfing the web, and so on.

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