Pari Passu’s New Spring 2021 Collection Focuses on Sophisticated Silhouettes and Precision Fit

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As spring continues to bloom and brands continue to release their spring collections, one spring release, in particular, caught my eye. On April 1st, plus size clothing brand Pari Passu dropped their spring 2021 collection. The spring collection is full of beautifully tailored pieces and modeled by Lydia Hudgens and photographed by Youn Jung Kim.

Learn More About Plus Brand, Pari Passu

Pari Passu (which means “equal footing” or “equal in all respects” in Latin) wanted to give plus size people access to the same fashions as their straight size counterparts. They are passionate about providing expertly tailored clothing to their customer base (which includes Queen Latifah and Good Girls star Retta). Having a tailored fit in plus sizes is pretty difficult to perfect, given that plus size women tend to vary in body shapes. So Shanna Goldstone, founder of Pari Passu, set out and did some intensive sizing research, and after a year, developed a unique sizing system that focuses on body shape, then size- for a more precise fit.

I had the pleasure of chatting with the founder, Shanna Goldstone about the Spring 2021 Spring collection, and their unique fit system:

Mayra Mejia: what is the inspiration for the Spring 2021 collection?

Shanna Goldstone: Spring is always a transitional period, but this year, even more so as we start to see the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel. This is a tightly edited collection of lighter layers and a palette cleanser which is why we used cream and started to tease bolder colors which you’ll see more of in our summer collection.

Mayra Mejia: For those that may be new to Pari Passu, how would you describe the 3 body shapes you exclusively use for sizing? 

Shanna Goldstone: The three body shapes we use reflect the shapes of the women we know and love. Shape B is for a woman who carries her weight in her hips, thighs, and behind. Shape C is how I hold my weight: in the front of my body (boobs and belly) and slimmer legs and arms. Shape D is for a woman who holds her weight more proportionally, similar to an hourglass shape though not as extreme.

Mayra Mejia: I am definitely also a C body shape! I’m curious…how long did the research for your sizing take?!

Shanna Goldstone: The sizing research and development took about 16 months to finish. That said, we continue to tweak and refine our sizing and Find My Fit algorithm as we learn more from our customers. Achieving a great fit is a continual work in progress, and we’re always striving to do more and do better.

Here’s a closer look at each Pari Passu body shape, and the measurements that coincide with each:

Shape B – Their Curviest Fit

Shape C – The Most Underserved Shape

Shape D – The Modified Hourglass

If it’s still a bit confusing to you (which is totally understandable- we are so used to traditional sizing charts), don’t fret, you can answer a few questions on their website, and they will find your fit for you!

Now that you have a more thorough understanding of their fit system let’s get into the Spring 2021 collection, modeled by the incredible Lydia Hudgens!

Pari Passu Spring 2021 Lookbook

pari passu spring 2021
Lydia is wearing the Tammy Button Down Shirt in White and Fergie Jogger Pants
pari passu spring 2021
Lydia is wearing the Tammy Button Down Shirt in French Blue and Stretch Leather Pants in Red
Lydia is wearing the Tace Shirtdress
Lydia is wearing the Bella Leather Jacket

We love how these pieces are perfect for spring and versatile enough to keep in your closet for seasons and years to come. While on the higher end, the price point seems justifiable, especially if you are looking for classic, well-tailored pieces that you’ll be reaching for again and again.

If you’d like to shop Pari Passu and check out their full selections, head to their website.!

The Spring collection will also be available at as of May!

Have you shopped with Pari Passu before? What are your thought on their spring collection, modeled by photographer and model Lydia Hudgens?!

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