Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 series to get new S Pen and audio features

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 and the Galaxy Tab S7+ are already among the most premium Android tablet offerings at the moment. Now the two tablets are set to have their appeal enhanced all the more thanks to a new update that will allow for a better S Pen and audio experience. No final dates have been announced for the said updates though they likely will arrive by this quarter itself.

New features for the S Pen

Among the new S Pen features that the update will include is the ability to enter texts in the boxes directly with the stylus itself. For instance, you can write in the address bar the URL of the site you wish to visit with the S Pen itself. Such texts will get converted into typed texts automatically.

In much the same manner, the Samsung Notes app will also be getting a Pen to Text feature wherein you will be able to write out on the display itself using the S Pen. Then there is also going to be support for special functions. For instance, inserting a ‘v’ between words will lead to the addition of a space between two words, while the ‘⌒’ symbol will act to join two words. It will be able to detect punctuations and spacing as well and is going to be applicable to over 80 international languages.

The update will begin rolling out in a phased manner from end-February itself. Here is how the feature can be activated once it becomes available. Go to Settings > Advanced Feature > S Pen > S Pen to text. Alternately, you can go to Settings > General management > Samsung Keyboard settings > S Pen to text.

Snap, Scan, and Edit features for Samsung Notes app

Users will now have the ability to scan and edit a document right from within the Notes app itself. The process starts by clicking on the paper clip icon and select the scan option. After the scanning operation is complete, the app will allow you to edit the scanned file as well.

360-degree multi-dimensional sound

The update will introduce 360-degree surround sound to the Galaxy Tab S7 series, which will allow for a more immersive audio experience than ever before. The multi-dimensional sound feature was first introduced to the Galaxy Buds Pro and the same on the Galaxy Tab series will add significantly to the entertainment quotient of the tablets.

A highlight of the 360-degree sound is the advanced motion tracking sensor that will adjust the direction of the output sound so that you always have the most optimum listening experience even if you are moving your heads in different directions.

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