The 3 Best Korean Spas in Atlanta

Korean Spas equal life. I am totally 100% obsessed with Korean Spas and love to go weekly. For those who are unfamiliar with Korean spas, they are quite different from your typical Burke Williams spa experience. For one, absolutely no clothing is allowed in the Korean Spa’s wet area, no bikinis, underwear anything. If you are a bit shy, you’ll get over it pretty quickly when you see grandmas and bodys of all shapes and sizes walking around comfortable. It’s actually a great practice to help you embrace your own body more. 

Korean Spas typical charge a 24 hour entry fee, where you can enjoy all of the facilities and even spend the night. There are also many treatments provided and one that you should definitely try out is the body scrub. ​There is absolutely no privacy during your treatment as you are in a wet room with other women, completely naked, but you’ll never feel as clean and soft as after a Korean body scrub.

Atlanta doesn’t have a great abundance of Korea Spa, but the Korean Spas that exist are of high quality. Below are the best Korean Spas in Atlanta!​

​The Jeju Sauna is the most well known Korean Spa in the Atlanta vicinity and features a sprawling 35,000 feet of area dedicated to its traditional Korean bathhouse.  The areas are segregated by gender and feature hot tubs, showers and 9 different saunas. There are shared unisex sections featuring heated floors, a food court, TVs, exercise rooms, a nail salon and much more. Many of the rooms feature different levels of temperature of each guest’s personal preference. 

Source: Jeju Sauna

The spa is open 24 hours a day and its just $25 for a day pass. ​Jeju also offers a small menu with different massage treatment add-ons. The nine different featured saunas feature rooms such as the Rock & Salt Sauna, lined with pure crystal rock salt to help release dead skin cells and relieve you of stress and tension. The steam jade sauna is lined with imported Korean jade and has a multitude of benefits such as raising your metabolism, improving your complexion, alleviating pain and much more. Also featured are the Gold & Silver, Jewels, Rock-Ice, Charcoal, Baked Clay, Jade and Wood Saunas.

The calming scent of therapeutic Korean herbs wafts through all the rooms​ and you are provided with traditional Korean shirt, shorts and slippers to wander through the facilities. If you sign up for a treatment I would recommend the body scrub. This is not for the timid and shy though! You’ll be put in a brightly lit room on a table completely naked with other women and scrubbed within every inch of your body. Luckily your therapist will put a towel over your face for some semblance of privacy. It’s incredible the amount of dead skin that they scrub off during the treatment and you’ll feel as soft as a baby’s butt all over, after the treatment. She’ll finish off by dousing you with buckets of warm water to wash you off.

Source: Jeju Sauna

After the spa, the Korean food court features all kinds of delicious Korean delicacies such as bibimbap, Korean BBQ, soondubu, bing soo, and so much more. I love to fully recharge with a delicious, clean Korean meal after a day at the Korean spa.​

Jeju Sauna & Spa Home of Wellbeing​ | Address: 3555 Gwinnett Pl Dr NW Duluth, GA 30096 | Phone: (678) 336-7414 | Entrance Fee: $25 for 24 hour

I love the luxe, modern facilities at the Gangnam Sauna located in the heart of Atlanta. It features all the bells and whistles of a typical Korean spa aka Jimjilbang and also includes a full service restaurant and a on-site hair, nail and skincare salons. The spa features three different saunas, the clay, salt and jade saunas and features a menu of spa services. I love the clay room, it features these red clay balls that I have never seen before. 

If you aren’t signing up for the body scrub treatment, make sure to bring your own towel scrub ​or you can purchase one at the spa for $4. I also love that you can purchase face masks for $1. After you leave the shower/spa area, you’ll be provided with a thin blanket sheet and a thicker blanket.

Source: Gangnam Spa

The restaurant features not only your typical, favorite Korean dishes, but also some more unfamiliar delicacies such as Janchi Guksu and Bibim Guksu. It closes at 930pm so if you are planning on staying the night, make sure to get your order in before then. There are also plenty of wall adaptors and outlets in the hallway if you need to charge your electronics. 

This is a much smaller spa than the more popular Jeju but you can definitely get more of an intimate, quiet and relaxing experience here. 

Gangnam Sauna| Address: 6005 Buford Hwy Norcross, GA 30071 | Phone: (770) 368-0105: Entrance Fee: $20 for 24 hours.

​International Health Korean Spa

The International Health Korean Spa is located in Doraville, Georgia and is small and intimate. This is a super traditional Korean facility so the workers are not very friendly and welcoming, but I am looking for privacy while I’m at the Korean spa so that’s totally ok with me. This is a simple, traditional Korean spa and its not as modern and flashy as Jeju and Gangnam. The spa features a mud room, which isn’t featured at either of the other two Korean spa options in Atlanta.

The food on site is delicious and you can even buy 3 eggs for $2 to boil in the sauna as you would at a traditional Asian hot spring. For a basic and super intimate Korean spa experience, try out the International Health Korean Spa

International Health Korean Spa | Address: 5979 Buford Hwy Ste C-1 Doraville, GA 30340 | Phone: (770) 216-8388 | Entrance Fee: $20 for 24 hours

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