The Most Searched Home Decor Items in Each State 2020

Take a break from perusing antique gold mirrors and velvet throw pillows on Etsy for a minute, dearest design enthusiasts. A new report breaks down the most popular home decor items in each state—and the results just might inform your next design splurge. Home project website Workshopedia looked into Google shopping trends within the last 12 months in each U.S. state and the District of Columbia to determine the most coveted design items. Additionally, the site also determined the most-searched item in the U.S. as a whole.

Let’s begin with the most-searched decor item in the U.S. Rugs ranked as the No. 1 searched item in the country, coming in at first place in seven states: Alabama, Louisiana, New York, Mississippi, Montana, South Carolina, and Virginia. Rugs are followed by vase fillers (North Carolina, California, and Florida); stools (Georgia, Wisconsin, and Rhode Island); candles (Alaska, Nebraska, and Nevada); and baskets (Connecticut, West Virginia, and Idaho). All of the items tied with three states each as the second most-searched for home decor items. 

Given the rise of houseplants, Workshopedia cited vase fillers as an unexpected response. Hanging planters and succulent holders, on the other hand, were expected to rank much higher on the list, but interestingly, they did not.

The third most-searched home decor items include (but are not limited to) the following with two states each at an even tie: Wallpaper (Washington and Vermont); string lights (Utah and Colorado); and bar carts (Massachusetts and Missouri). For a full breakdown of the top items by state, check out Workshopedia’s trusty map above. 

Some other nonrecurrent but noteworthy items include floor mirrors in Pennsylvania, coffee table books in Tennessee, and poufs in Arkansas. The results prove that design preferences are diverse and deeply personal and subjective. Tell us: Which item came out on top in your state?

Jessica Wang

Weekend Editor

Jessica is the Weekend Editor at Apartment Therapy. Her work also appears in Bustle, Nylon, InStyle, and Cosmopolitan. She lives in California with her dog.

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