TikTok’s Most Popular Home Trends of 2021, According to GoCompare

More so than new workout routines and weekly existential crises, DIY home projects have had (and continue to have!) a major moment amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Our homes have become our offices, classrooms, gyms, and much more during quarantine. As such, UK-based home insurance company GoCompare Home set out to determine the top home trends on TikTok; the platform has emerged as quite the hub for design enthusiasts this year, providing an endless amount of design tips and tricks within 1-minute videos.

GoCompare analyzed the most popular interior design trends of the year and cross-examined these findings with TikTok hashtags to determine the results. With many working from home during the pandemic, home offices emerged as the top home trend (3,572,890 search volume total). Closets, guest rooms, garages, and kitchens have all been transformed into makeshift offices, displaying ingenuity among many. Home offices are followed by home gyms in second place (3,054,790 search volume), mid-century modern design in third place (817,490 search volume), and home tech in fourth place (20,100 search volume). 

Bauhaus influence, a type of design infused with art, graphic design, architecture, interior design, and industrial design, came in as the fifth most popular design trend with a 5,627,650 search volume total; much of it is based on simple, geometric shapes and the use of primary colors; the Bauhaus trend is followed by green walls (14,308,490 search volume), pink kitchens (134,550 search volume), and pink bathrooms (86,0660 search volume). (“Millennial pink will never lose its luster,” writes Apartment Therapy contributor Marlen Komar in a piece about the history of the hue.) 

Japandi and wellness at home round out the top 10 DIY home design trends of the year, with 1,313,740 and 12,510 search volume totals, respectively.

Ready to tackle your next DIY, TikTok-inspired home project? GoCompare has an expert tip: “If you are looking to refurbish and renovate this year, make sure you have a clear plan set in mind as it can be a very daunting task,” a spokesperson said. “Look at the colors and concepts you want to include and budget for these costs. Check that your buildings and contents insurance will cover you for any extensive DIY projects before you carry out any work.” 

And remember, “Everything you see on social media is the highlights—so the length and practicality of a job may seem easier than it is,” the spokesperson added. “Properly research any work you want to undertake to understand the magnitude of the job and ensure you’re well prepared.” 

Jessica Wang

Weekend Editor

Jessica is the Weekend Editor at Apartment Therapy. Her work also appears in Bustle, Nylon, InStyle, and Cosmopolitan. She lives in California with her dog.

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