Walkers focuses on calorie count with latest campaign

The campaign will go live on 31 July across TV, out-of-home and social media platforms, and in-store media.

Each product’s logo will be merged with expressions of “surprise and delight” across the campaign assets.

For example, Wotsits will be transformed to say ‘Wot?’ and French Fries will read ‘Fancy that’.

The very same reactions people feel when they first learn about the calorie count.

Walkers said calorie content is currently the number one consideration of families purchasing snacks.

However, 71% of UK consumers are not aware of Walkers current portfolio of snacks that contain under 100 calories.

Geoffrey Holtes, senior brand manager at Walkers, said: “Through our initial research we quickly realised people were genuinely surprised when they learned that their favourite snacks were under 100 calories, and since calorie content is such a key consideration when making snack purchases, we wanted to ensure our customers are informed.

“Therefore, by shining a light on our <100 calorie range – that spans Wotsits, Quavers, French Fries, Squares, Snack-a-Jacks and Frazzles – we hope to pleasantly surprise people.”

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